About Birthing From Within

Labor hurts, it’s hard work, and you can do it! – Pam England, creator of Birthing From Within®

 Learn and practice effective techniques for coping with the pain of labor.

Learn essential information about the process of labor and birth, as well as nursing and caring for a newborn.

Explore the possibilities for birthing in awareness, love, and compassion, regardless of the outcome of your labor.

Partners: learn ways to support a laboring mother, and go into birth feeling prepared and connected.

Prepare to welcome the life changes ahead. Explore your emotions about birth and parenthood, and find your own best path forward.

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What to Expect from a Birthing From Within® class:

  • A diverse approach to learning and self-discovery, with practical information, discussion, art-making, pain-coping practice, and games.
  • Class topics include healthy pregnancy, labor, pushing and birth, interventions and caesareans in awareness, labor support for partners, postpartum and new parenthood.
  • Every class will include pain-coping practices.
  • The philosophy that pain is an inevitable part of childbirth, but much can be done to ease suffering.
  • A focus on preparing couples to experience birthing in awareness, not on a specific desired outcome.
  • Special attention to discovering how your partner can best support you, and to the partner’s unique needs and perspective during this transitional time.
  • Compassion, understanding, and the challenge to deeply understand yourself and your desires.

As a mother, my husband and I took a Birthing From Within® class when I was pregnant. What really spoke to me about this model is the attention paid to both learning practical information as well as exploring all the emotions tied up with pregnancy and new parenthood. Birthing From Within® encourages us to search ourselves to find our fears, strengths, and desires, and use what we find to guide us on our own best path. I am passionate about the Birthing From Within® model, because I believe it guides the way towards deep, positive growth for parents.